Al-Asala Al-Dhahabiya Factory

Within the framework of the national campaign led by the Food and Drug Control Center within the Libyan cities to maintain food security for the citizen, the center’s branch in Zliten recently conducted an inspection tour inside the factory of Al-Asala Al-Dhahabiya Company for flour and rice mills. This inspection tour resulted in very positive

results published by the Center in all of its official media channels.The center praised the high level of sanitation found in the company’s factory and the possession of health certificates by all its employees. They also praised the quality of production lines in each of the flour mill and rice mill inside the factory, as well as the quality of the laboratories in which samples are prepared, tested and submitted

They also praised the company’s dedication to provide all security and safety equipment inside and outside the factory, as well as the quality of the storage environment inside the silos in which raw materials of wheat, barley and rice are stored, and the warehouses in which the produced products of flour and rice are stored.

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